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Considering a Career in Denturism

An Overview

A Brief History

Since its origin around 1860, dentistry has grown and diversified into many branches and specialties. The evolution has resulted in the field of Denturism, comprised of professionals (Denturists/Denturologistes) who specialize in the field of removable oral prostheses. Initially, Denturists learned their skills through on the job practice experience; however, there are now six colleges in Canada which provide training to Denturists.

Student Denturists study for a minimum of two years, focusing on the clinical and laboratory skills necessary to supply removable oral prostheses. Denturists are thoroughly educated in the theoretical and practical aspects of both intra-oral and laboratory procedures. Along with the diagnostic and treatment expertise, Denturists must employ creative manual skills.

Denturists are independent practitioners. The profession of Denturism has developed and grown since its legal recognition in 1961 to incorporate an ever-expanding scope of practice.

Denturists have become recognized by legislation in every jurisdiction in Canada. In addition to Canada, which is seen as a leader in this profession, Denturism is a respected profession in a considerable number of countries around the world ( Presently, Canada has six colleges of Denturism and approximately 2,000 individuals who are recognized as Denturists/Denturologistes.

What Denturists Do:

In Canada Denturists provide removable dentures directly to a patient. In providing their services, Denturists complete the following functions:

  • Perform a complete visual/digital oral examination and evaluation of the patient. This includes obtaining a complete medical and dental history of the patient.
  • Makes impressions, makes necessary jaw relation records, selects the artificial teeth, and designs the dentures.
  • Fabricates and inserts the dentures in the mouths of patients.
  • Performs any adjunctive services such as Repair or Relines or Adjustments of removable dentures.
  • Supervises auxiliary personnel in the performance of their delegated duties.

General Requirements for Admission to School Programs

  • High School Graduation
  • Associate Degree or a minimum of two (2) years University with a Science background would be an asset.

Other Assets

  • Good inter-personal communication skills
  • Manual dexterity
  • Imagination and creativity

Colleges of Denturism

Program Content
Course content may vary slightly between schools; however, students may expect to study most if not all, of the following which are included in the Canadian Denturist Baseline Competency Profile and the accreditation document of Commission On Accreditation For Denturism.

General Anatomy and Physiology
Orofacial Anatomy
Dental Histology and Embryology
Oral Pathology and Medicine
Psychology in Dentistry
Dental Psychology and the Aging Patient
Complete Denture Prosthodontics
Small Business Management
Pharmacology and Emergency Care
Dental Kinesiology
Removable Partial Dentures

Preventive Dentistry
General Histology
Partial Dentures
Radiographic Interpretation
Pre-Clinical Prosthetics
Clinical Prosthetics
Dentures over Implants
Dental Materials
Practice Management
Human Relations
Public Health, Legislation and Research

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